Dear Lisker supporters and friends and long-time advocates of the Rebbetzin:

We are writing this missive to you to offer closure and consolation. The Lisker Shul has closed and will not be reopening. But that does not obscure all the mitzvos done within its hallowed halls.

You were our compatriots, patrons, leaders and followers. We taught you, learned from you and with you and accomplished a lot over a long period of time.

We are so grateful to you and gratified by your constant and consistent love, friendship, volunteerism, generosity and industry. You lightened our load, brightened our surroundings, physically and emotionally, and carved out a permanent place in the annals of Jewish history and in our hearts.

We know the shul will no longer be around to encompass your joys, sorrows and communal spirit. But a congregation is more than just four walls and we leave you with wonderful memories and the knowledge that you helped make all of the Rebbetzin's dreams come true until the end.

The unveiling for Rebbetzin Friedlander will take take place at Mt. Hebron cemetery in Flushing, Queens on December 14, the 22nd day of Kislev, at 12 p.m. We will keep you apprised on this site about details of the Yahrzeit.

Thank you for our glorious past. May our future be tinged with memories and skills and feats we garnered through our association, and resonate with all the most wonderful blessings the Rebbetzin wished for us and upon us. May she forever be our conduit to heaven and a proud "meilitz yosher" for us all.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Tzephania Kreger
Rabbi and Rebbetzin Heshy Friedlander